We equip individuals with the tools and education needed to build a profitable life.

The 25 Kredit Repair Academy was designed with you in mind. 25KRA is an online school that offers self-paced courses designed to help you repair your own credit and start building generational wealth. Once registered, you will have full access to all of the current and future courses inside the academy. These courses have been organized and structured by Maggie Sayles and Dahl Samuel. There are a handful of other resources inside the academy that will help keep you sharp, and confident in your financial and business steps, moving forward.

It also includes access to our intimate and private facebook community forum.

Maggie Bradford

Credit Repair Educator, CEO & Founder

Dahl Samuel

Website creator & Editor

A Little Of Our Background​

About The Academy

Who is the academy for?

The academy is for individuals who are wanting to improve their lives financially. We do not discriminate on where you are in the process. We offer tools, resources, and a community filled with support to help clients from any end of the financial/credit spectrum.

Why should you invest in the academy?

Once you become a member, you benefit from years of knowledge of credit, business credit, and the importance of both to any personal or business venture. In addition to online courses, we also offer a Facebook group with like-minded individuals who are on the same path as you, and a host of other resources and networking opportunities to assist you and help you feel comfortable. 

What Types of Courses Come With The Academy?

The main course covers personal credit, business credit, and legally setting up a business. 

What if I Don’t Want To Start a Business?

The academy is not just for people who want to start a business. It is for everyone, whether you choose to start a business or not. At the surface, the academy is based on credit repair and giving you the education needed to repair your own credit. If you choose to press forward, and build a business or learn to do more for your business than you’d definitely want to stick with us. We are constantly adding more courses, resources, and material for your best interest. 

How is 25 Kredit Repair Academy Different From Other Credit Repair Companies?

Affordability sets us apart from other companies in the industry because we believe everyone should be able to experience financial freedom. The top two reasons that people neglect to repair their credit are embarrassment or lack of finances. By cultivating an innovative online approach to credit repair and financial literacy, that is only $25, we are able to eliminate those two major roadblocks.

What We Offer

Expertly curated lessons to improve your credit knowledge
Guided teaching for all levels of credit and business
Immediate access to your desired course
Resources and support amongst our facebook community