Late Payment Removal E-Guide

Remove Unwanted & Stubborn Late Payments With This E-Book!
Not sure how much late payments hurt you? Read here: 

  • Your late payments can drop your score 50-100 points
  • This means that you can have one late payment removed and your score can increase from 50-100, no matter how old or new the late payment is
  • Most credit repair companies DO NOT know how to remove late payments & if they do, they are not sharing this information with you.
  • This information has helped our clients get multiple late payments removed, be it years in the past or recent late payments.
  • This information is invaluable. It took us years of trial and error to obtain this information. Use it to save money on credit repair & to help you reach your credit goals much faster.

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Here is what this e-book covers:

✔️This E-book will show you how to use goodwill letters to help get late payments removed. 
✔️This E-book will cover how you can use dispute letters to remove late payments, and the exact verbage to use to get them removed. 
✔️This E-book will settle any confusion that you have about how to make sure no more late payments are being reported. 
✔️This E-book will cover negotiation tactics with lenders in regards to removing late payments.


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